Trying out the cheat codes before you play the game

Did I mention how much I love analogies? Can’t stop but post when I come across a good one. 🙄

From /r/vim:

I have two half brothers who came along when I was 11. When they were old enough to play video games, I got them a good one, and just to round out the present and make it a two-stack of wrapped gifts, I threw in the big walkthrough/cheats guide book. I’d had a few of those back in the mid/late 80s for Nintendo, which I would turn to when I got really stuck, or after I beat a game to go back and have some additional fun cheating.

To my horror, they ran into the other room, put in the game, then opened the book and found the cheats and put in several cheat codes before even playing! They wouldn’t even hear of not doing it. It’s what “everyone” did. I’m fine with cheating for fun like that – I did it – but at least play for awhile so you can tell you are cheating. How are you going to think “Ah, that’s much better now that I don’t die as often” unless you’ve died often for a bit to set a baseline? How are you going to think “Wow, the light saber makes this level ridiculously easy” unless you knew that there is no light saber in the normal game, and it’s actually a difficult level without that easter egg?

How will you even know what Vim even is if you’ve immediately bolted on a bunch of upgrades? How are you going to ask for help? “Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is a Janus thing, or something from my coworker’s configuration, or one of the 15 plugins I installed, because some guide said they were cool (I have no idea, I’ve never really used Vim before!), but, uh… when I press ‘b’, isn’t it supposed to go back a word? It’s doesn’t.”

Yeah? Well, good luck.

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