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Twitter and third party apps

Twitter is all war with third-party apps. Which is exactly the opposite it should be doing. I move from one android Twitter client to other every few days. It was Twitter for Android’s turn two days back and the first thing I noticed? It no longer shows the source of the tweet. Seems this is now the case with Twitter web too. Gizmodo says “Twitter no longer displays which app posted a tweet because apps are the enemy”. Third-party clients helped Twitter grow to what it is now. Perhaps we need a new Twitter. Like the one inessential mentioned a few months back.

Chrome like tabs for Windows Explorer

In case you didn’t know, Windows Explorer sucks. There are about a dozen alternatives available, but most aren’t free. I’ve used Cubic Explorer and Nomad.NET in the past, both of which are free and open source, but didn’t stay with any. Lifehacker reported today about Clover, which is in fact an extension to Windows Explorer which brings a Chrome-style tabbed interface. Click on a tab and you get a menu just like the one you get in Chrome.

No more half-a-dozen Windows Explorers cluttering the task bar.

Tar archive mnemonic

I’ve always failed at remembering how to create and extract tar archives. But hey, why not create a mnemonic!?

Creating a tar.gz file:

Create Zip File

tar <em>czf</em> newarchive.tar.gz /path/to/file


eXtract Zip File

tar <em>xzf</em> somearchive.tar.gz

You can of course add the v option to turn on the verbose mode. eg: 

tar xzfv <em>somearchive.tar.gz</em>

Or add a -C option to explicitly mention where you’d like the archive to extract to, like this: 

tar xzf <em>somearchive.tar.gz</em> -C ~/ws

Eat all the grass that you want

Accidents happen in the dark.