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Getting rid of annoying Facebook widgets in other sites

In each and every site you visit you get those large Facebook widgets, which are both ugly and take up your bandwidth. I was searching for some good Adblock rules and came across some rules to get rid of these widgets forever.


To apply the rules, open the Adblock Plus options in your browser, go to the Customize tab, click on ‘Edit’ and paste the rules at the end of the rules list. And don’t forget to save once pasted. Worked in both Chrome and Opera, might work in Firefox as well.


Found this post which links to a set of Adblock rules that will get rid of almost all social sharing widgets. Simply go to the Adblock options, go to Filter Lists and add the above URL as a subscription.

Good bye radio! has announced that it will be taking down its radio service from all countries except for seven. The exceptions are US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Which is indeed sad news. This means that buying a subscription is no longer worth it for the rest of the world. Scrobbling is not affected anyway.

Of course this ain’t the end of the world but it should worry everyone quite a bit. If you’re addicted to online music streaming, what are your other options? There are a few other good streaming sites available. The popular ones include 8tracks and Grooveshark, both of which has integration, i.e. scrobbling support.

People here would know anyway

Seen in the #git freenode channel today:

circle : How do I find projects to work on in github?
bremner : fwiw, this is not a git question.
circle : true
circle : but people here would know any way

One wouldn’t go to #linux and ask them about a good keyboard to buy because everyone there use keyboards and are techy enough to know what keyboards are the best.

Forking and sex

From Quora:

Am I the only one who thinks the phrase “Fork me on GitHub” sounds like it has sexual implications?

This is a genuine question. I’ve asked several people what they thought about the phrase and not many feel the same way I do. I started to wonder if I was the only one.

Did I think it had sexual implications? Not until now. -_-

Searching Google Images by exact size

I wanted to find some 600×800 images for the Kindle and learned that Google Images doesn’t let you perform this kind of search now. However, there’s a small hack that lets you do exactly the same. Append the following text to the end of the Google Image search URL:


This will return only the images that match the exact size. Like in this example. You may replace the 600 (width) and 800 (height) with whatever dimensions you need.


Changing the default screensavers in Kindle 4

The Kindle comes with some stock screensavers, but you soon get tired of them. You can’t change them as easily as you change the wallpapers in your PC. The process involves getting into the diagnostics mode, enabling USBnet, SSHing to a server and moving some files. It’s not as scary as it sounds though.

If you use Linux, the process is less messy. I followed this guide and everything worked fine, except the password mario didn’t work. However, I could generate a password by entering the serial number in Amazon Kindle root password tool. A directory called ‘screensaver’ gets created in the Kindle, to where you can copy any jpg or png files, preferably 600×800 grayscale images.

If you use Windows, the following two videos will guide you through the process:
Getting into diagnostics mode:
Changing the screensavers:

I also created an album of Paulo Coelho Kindle Screensavers. You can view and download them from here:
Or download them as a zip file from here: Dropbox link

paulo coelho witch of portobello kindle screensaver