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Github and Government

Git’s being used to do many more things besides version controlling code. I once wrote about tracking laws with git in Germany.

Github has introduced government.github.com. From their blog post:

Governments at all levels have been using GitHub for some time now to build better, more accessible websites, publish laws and data, and even collaborate on policies themselves.

Today we’re proud to announced the launch of government.github.com, a website dedicated to showcasing the amazing efforts of public servants and civic hackers around the globe.

Open data projects in github isn’t new. Concepts like forking your city shows the possibilities are boundless.

Using Git to track law changes

Hey look, it’s not just the code changes we can track with Git! Randomly came across this article from The H Open today. BundesGit uses Git to track changes in the German federal law. This is a pretty cool use for something that is intended to be a source code management system. Tracking something that may change every now and then, so you can keep track of what changed. Laws of a country, company policies, documentation; the possibilities are endless.