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Hiding posts from people you don’t follow on Twitter

I need to share this regularly, but Twitter doesn’t like the formatting of the snippet, so I’m creating this blogpost.

In your ad blocker’s options page, there will be a place to add custom filters. In uBlock Origin, for example, there’s a ‘My Filters’ tab. Add this snippet there and save changes:


Bye bye, suggested tweets.

Activating Falcon Pro on new Android phones

Falcon Pro, the best Twitter app for Android out there, cannot authorize more users since it’s passed the maximum users count. There’s a small hack to activate Falcon Pro though.

  1. Go to dev.twitter.com and create a new application. Make sure you set the Application type to “Read, Write and Access direct messages”, set a callback URL (any URL would do), and check the box “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter”
  2. Download and install Falcon Pro
  3. In the app’s login screen, tap the four corners. This will light up four squares of different colors. Now tap the orange one to make it turn off
  4. Shake the phone
  5. Now you will be prompted with a screen to enter the consumer key and consumer secret of the newly created app. Copy/paste from the app’s page in dev.twitter.com and save.

That’s it! Fuck you, Twitter, and your evil terms.

We don’t want any more Twitter clients – Twitter

The Next Web has an article about the Windows 8 Twitter client Tweetro. Tweetro has become so popular among the users that it has had to face the wrath of Twitter.

Thank you for reaching out to get clarification on our developer policies. As you know, we discourage developers from building apps that replicate our core user experience (aka “Twitter clients”).

It’s like when you introduce someone to your circle of friends and then that someone becomes more popular than you in the circle, so you become jealous and want that someone out. Ugh.

Most popular twitter clients

I was playing with Twitter’s streaming API and thought of finding out what the most popular twitter clients are. So I listened to Twitter’s stream of public tweets for half an hour and sorted the list of tweet sources. The sample contained 100,000 random public tweets. The top ten clients were:

  1. web – 24697
  2. Twitter for iPhone – 17564
  3. Twitter for Android – 13007
  4. Twitter for BlackBerry® – 10592
  5. Mobile Web – 3521
  6. UberSocial for BlackBerry – 1849
  7. TweetDeck – 1776
  8. Twitter for iPad – 1411
  9. Facebook – 1322
  10. Echofon – 1320

As expected, the Twitter web is the source of almost a quarter of the tweets, while the official clients for iPhone, Android and Blackberry take the next slots. And then comes the Mobile Web. Twitter for iPad sits in the 8th place. In other words, more than 70% of the world’s tweets are posted from official clients.

The complete list of results is here.

New ttytter extension: Add to Pocket

You can download my second ttytter extension now from the github page. This lets you add the links in tweets to your Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later) account.

To use, you first need to create a file named .pocket in the extension’s directory and add your Pocket username and password in two separate lines. In ttytter, just type /pocket <tweet id> and the link in the tweet will be added to Pocket. If no links were found in the tweet, the link to the tweet itself will be added.

IFTTT removes all Twitter triggers

The IFTTT blog announced a few days back that they will be removing all Twitter triggers, and they have done so today. The reason is Twitter’s bullshit policy changes. Please note that only the triggers are gone; all the actions remain as they were. But still. Twitter triggers paved way earlier to do cool stuff like archiving all your tweets. Not anymore.

More reasons to hate Twitter.

Twitter and third party apps

Twitter is all war with third-party apps. Which is exactly the opposite it should be doing. I move from one android Twitter client to other every few days. It was Twitter for Android’s turn two days back and the first thing I noticed? It no longer shows the source of the tweet. Seems this is now the case with Twitter web too. Gizmodo says “Twitter no longer displays which app posted a tweet because apps are the enemy”. Third-party clients helped Twitter grow to what it is now. Perhaps we need a new Twitter. Like the one inessential mentioned a few months back.