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Summary of Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos

Dan Fabulich has a post titled I Watched All of the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos So You Don’t Have To:

tl;dr: Google wants you to build PWAs, reduce JavaScript file size, use Web Components, and configure autofill. They announced only a handful of features around payments, authentication, Android Trusted Web Activities, Chrome Dev Tools, and the Chrome User Experience Report.

Check out the full post for a more detailed summary.

This is three weeks old and I kept putting off posting this in AH. It’d be super cool if someone wrote TLDRs for all conferences happening everywhere.

Getting rid of annoying Facebook widgets in other sites

In each and every site you visit you get those large Facebook widgets, which are both ugly and take up your bandwidth. I was searching for some good Adblock rules and came across some rules to get rid of these widgets forever.


To apply the rules, open the Adblock Plus options in your browser, go to the Customize tab, click on ‘Edit’ and paste the rules at the end of the rules list. And don’t forget to save once pasted. Worked in both Chrome and Opera, might work in Firefox as well.


Found this post which links to a set of Adblock rules that will get rid of almost all social sharing widgets. Simply go to the Adblock options, go to Filter Lists and add the above URL as a subscription.