C++17 finalized

The C++17 specification has been finalized. The actual specification is under a paywall (wtf), but you can get the final draft of the pdf here. But it’s 1448 pages long and you most likely don’t have time to go over everything.

However, there’s this nice writeup that summarizes the new features in C++17. There are no new groundbreaking features, but some handy additions you might wanna use.

One of the first things that caught my eye is std::optional. I love optionals in Swift. They let you wrap values which might or might not be null and reduces the chances of null pointer exceptions. std::optional is a bit more awkward to use than Swift’s built-in optionals, but I hope people would start using them.

There’s also nested namespaces and structured bindings which will help with brevity and readability. Structured bindings are similar to destructuring in JavaScript.

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