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People here would know anyway

Seen in the #git freenode channel today:

circle : How do I find projects to work on in github?
bremner : fwiw, this is not a git question.
circle : true
circle : but people here would know any way

One wouldn’t go to #linux and ask them about a good keyboard to buy because everyone there use keyboards and are techy enough to know what keyboards are the best.

Activating IRC on Empathy

As it turns out, Empathy doesn’t come with an IRC account support in Ubuntu 12.10. In other words, the new Online Accounts section in Quental lets you connect to Google, Twitter, Jabber and a few other accounts but not IRC. I have no clue what made the packagers take this decision, but it’s a poor move, considering that the plugin only weighs 11.6 kB. Anyway, you can simply install the IRC plugin with the command,

sudo apt-get install account-plugin-irc

There are a few other plugins that do not come pre-installed. You can view them using,

apt-cache search account-plugin