Monthly Archives: August 2013

Gitlab 6.0 is out

Just got to know that Gitlab 6.0 has been released over an week ago.

The biggest improvement I noticed in the changelog was the new merge request feature. You can fork a repo and send merge requests to the original – github style. Good news for everyone who kept away from Gitlab coz it’d break their workflows.

Some handy new features have found their way to the UI as well.

The groups still suck. They’ve continued to confuse me from the beginning. The flat structure would be okay for a small group of people, but if the organization is large (100+ developers) this can become a mess.

Also, let us organize the repos several sub-directories deep, please?

Picnicy – a map of happenings in Sri Lanka

My friend Rukshan has released the beta of Picnicy. In his own words,

Picnicy is a pet project that makes finding what’s happening in Colombo easily.

This is something we’ve always wanted. A dead simple site that just points out where things are happening right now. I’d love to have an RSS feed though; you might not want to miss an event just because you didn’t check Picnicy everyday.

The site’s still in beta. He’d appreciate your feedback.

Better cp and mv for linux

K. Mandla has blogged about an interesting patch to GNU coreutils. Even if you’ve used Linux only for a few days, you might know how rudimentary the cp and mv commands are. But there’s an unofficial patch that makes them the way they should’ve been.

That’s the way it should be! That’s what I’m after: Transfer rates. File sizes. A proper progress bar and percent complete, with a second readout for overall progress, as needed. 😀

Just follow the instructions on the site to apply the patch and compile coreutils. Then alias the resulting cp and mv binaries to, well, cp and mv. Make sure to add a -g flag to the aliases to get the progress bars.