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Activating Falcon Pro on new Android phones

Falcon Pro, the best Twitter app for Android out there, cannot authorize more users since it’s passed the maximum users count. There’s a small hack to activate Falcon Pro though.

  1. Go to dev.twitter.com and create a new application. Make sure you set the Application type to “Read, Write and Access direct messages”, set a callback URL (any URL would do), and check the box “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter”
  2. Download and install Falcon Pro
  3. In the app’s login screen, tap the four corners. This will light up four squares of different colors. Now tap the orange one to make it turn off
  4. Shake the phone
  5. Now you will be prompted with a screen to enter the consumer key and consumer secret of the newly created app. Copy/paste from the app’s page in dev.twitter.com and save.

That’s it! Fuck you, Twitter, and your evil terms.

Evernote will be integrated to Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note was cool. The S Pen was cool. S Note (the app), not very much so. Seriously, why would anyone take notes in an app that doesn’t sync? (I’m looking at you, Vesper)

But Evernote has come for the save.

Now, all S Note users will get the benefit of immediate note synchronization from their Samsung mobile device to every other device and computer where Evernote is installed. Like all notes in Evernote, they’ll instantly become searchable, can be tagged for quick organization and shared with others.

Evernote. Galaxy Note. All primarily intended for note-taking. Note 3’s will be so much awesome they’ll explode.

n7player hits v2.0

As I’ve mentioned previously, n7player is one of the coolest music players in the android world. Been a fan of it since its beta stages, I was elated to find out that n7player 2.0 has been released yesterday.

The most noticeable improvement is the better playlist management options. It’s now even _fun_ to move the songs back and forth in the playlist. Now it’s possible to save custom playlists as well. There are improvements in the equalizer and there’s a Genre mode of which I’m not much of a fan. Perhaps it’s time to tag the missing genres in my library. That ain’t easy.

Note that the free version works for only 14 days. They’ve reduced the price of the unlock key now, at $2.

Kivy – Python framework for Android and more

Came across this article on Kivy for Android on Hacker News. According to kivy.org, Kivy is

an open source Python library for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.

The widgets look pretty and the samples seem to have sophisticated and rich interfaces. The graphics are in fact drawn by hardware-accelerated OpenGL commands. The widgets are written in C to improve performance. I went through some of the Docs and the learning curve seems to be surprisingly short. I’m yet to build a package for Android, it’d work without much fuss hopefully. Will keep you updated.

And the best thing is, it’s Python; not the ugly Java.

The 25 cent sale on Google Play

It’s the fourth day of Google Play’s 25 cent promotion, celebrating the milestone of 25 billion downloads of apps from Play. The selection of apps for today is not very exciting though. There’s Cut the Rope, Cogs, and Where’s My Perry, among others.

First day had the best deals. Second day wasn’t much bad either. Didn’t hesitate to buy World of Goo and doubleTwist Alarm Clock, both of which I had kept an eye on. Tomorrow’s the final day of the sale and let’s just hope there’d be some good picks worth buying. Anyawy it’s just $0.25 and nobody can complain.

Doing it tomorrow

As far as to-do lists go, Do It (Tomorrow) is one of the simplest and effectivest (just made up that word). And the interface is eye candy. You can add to-dos for today and if you don’t feel like or it’s not possible to do them today, you just put it off for tomorrow. In fact, one of the main concepts about the app is putting stuff off for tomorrow. Procrastinators’ heaven.

How this works is that once you get tired of putting it off you eventually get it done. I’m currently using the web app and the android app. There are iPhone and iPad versions available as well.