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RSS to Email: the right way

Need the updates of some RSS feeds in you email inbox? A simple IFTTT recipe can do that for you. And no, no need to create a recipe for each feed or merge the feeds into one feed. Simply add the feeds to a specific folder/tag in Google Reader (eg: mail) and ask IFTTT to mail you all new items in that tag. To save you time, here’s a public recipe you can use.

Finally, a reason to use Foursquare

Came across this ifttt recipe while browsing the answers to the Quora question: What is the coolest ifttt task ever? This recipe would simply post your foursquare check-ins in your Google Calendar. I had long given up checking-in with foursquare (well, what’s the point anyway?) but this new discovery would change my mind. At least till it gets boring.

IFTTT removes all Twitter triggers

The IFTTT blog announced a few days back that they will be removing all Twitter triggers, and they have done so today. The reason is Twitter’s bullshit policy changes. Please note that only the triggers are gone; all the actions remain as they were. But still. Twitter triggers paved way earlier to do cool stuff like archiving all your tweets. Not anymore.

More reasons to hate Twitter.