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Evernote will be integrated to Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note was cool. The S Pen was cool. S Note (the app), not very much so. Seriously, why would anyone take notes in an app that doesn’t sync? (I’m looking at you, Vesper)

But Evernote has come for the save.

Now, all S Note users will get the benefit of immediate note synchronization from their Samsung mobile device to every other device and computer where Evernote is installed. Like all notes in Evernote, they’ll instantly become searchable, can be tagged for quick organization and shared with others.

Evernote. Galaxy Note. All primarily intended for note-taking. Note 3’s will be so much awesome they’ll explode.

gingko – Feels like Evernote + Workflowy

Gingko claims itself to be “the first significant new medium since hypertext”. It’s a bold statement. I’m not going to disagree – gingko feels like a mashup between two of the most powerful tools on the internet: Evernote and Workflowy.

If you want a quick introduction to what gingko is, I’d recommend the video they’ve put up.

The possibilities seem to be endless with gingko. Markdown, keyboard shortcuts, hierarchies, collaboration: the whole combo. Except the free accounts are limited to three ‘trees’. I’d love to see they increase the limit, or at least bring in a referral system. $9 a month sounds too harsh. 🙁

Skitch for Windows is here

Evernote has finally released Skitch for Windows. It comes in two flavors: Skitch for Windows Desktop and Skitch for Windows 8. I tried out the former and it’s just amazing. Ability to pixelate and highlight the captures comes really handy if you’re into software development or design (or whatever you do with the computer). And the best thing is that it integrates with Evernote, so you can have all the captures and annotations in one place. Skitch was available for Mac and iOS for a long time and the Android version came some time back. Features and some cool uses of the new Windows client can be found in their blog post.

The official Windows client has also been updated with Skitch integration.

Everpad hits 2.0

Installed Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday (see the post in the other blog). One of the first things to install in the new OS was Everpad, an Evernote client integrated to Ubuntu and Unity, and found out that it’s been updated to 2.0. Now you can attach pictures and add tables to the notes. Sync issues seem to have reduced as well.

But the best thing is that Everpad is in active development. We badly need a good Evernote client for Linux, something better than NixNote. Everpad is on the move.

Evernote on Linux

Evernote doesn’t have an official client for Linux. It isn’t likely Linux will get any in the near future either. NixNote (formerly NeverNote) is the popular alternative available. But I just don’t like the interface and all.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 yesterday and found out about this Everpad which seems to be pretty neat. Not a feature-full client, but it has Unity integration, so you can search notes from the Unity dash etc. There’s an icon in the gnome panel which gives you the latest notes, lets you create new notes and such. At the moment I’m using Everpad and have an Evernote Web tab opened in Chrome as well. Sadly, this seems to be focused on Ubuntu only (at least that’s my guess, not likely it’d run on other distros without major changes).

Find reviews, screenshots and installation instructions in WebUpd8 and Omg!Ubuntu.