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As you may have guessed from the name, ShortcutFoo lets you master keyboard shortcuts in various apps including Vim, Emacs, Eclipse, Git, Excel, Visual Studio and many more. It first lets you learn the shortcuts, then presents drills and a practice mode to master them. So you actually use the shortcuts, instead of just memorizing them. Clever idea.

The downside is, only a few shortcut bundles in each app is free. To unlock the rest, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $8.99. That’s too high. I may subscribe one day if I happened to learn Emacs or some crazy text editor other than Vim. But no thanks for now.

Why the ‘Foo’ anyway? Shouldn’t it have been ‘Fu’?

Doing it tomorrow

As far as to-do lists go, Do It (Tomorrow) is one of the simplest and effectivest (just made up that word). And the interface is eye candy. You can add to-dos for today and if you don’t feel like or it’s not possible to do them today, you just put it off for tomorrow. In fact, one of the main concepts about the app is putting stuff off for tomorrow. Procrastinators’ heaven.

How this works is that once you get tired of putting it off you eventually get it done. I’m currently using the web app and the android app. There are iPhone and iPad versions available as well.