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Summary of Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos

Dan Fabulich has a post titled I Watched All of the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Videos So You Don’t Have To:

tl;dr: Google wants you to build PWAs, reduce JavaScript file size, use Web Components, and configure autofill. They announced only a handful of features around payments, authentication, Android Trusted Web Activities, Chrome Dev Tools, and the Chrome User Experience Report.

Check out the full post for a more detailed summary.

This is three weeks old and I kept putting off posting this in AH. It’d be super cool if someone wrote TLDRs for all conferences happening everywhere.

Killing W3Schools

Though it ranks number one in most web development-related google searches, w3schools is a horrible place to learn from. Someone is trying to create a site called “The HTML and CSS Tutorial” simply to kill w3school’s search engine rank and stop the kittens from dying.

Somone points out an interesting view in the HN discussion:

W3Schools is like an old dictionary. A dictionary isn’t particularly helpful when you’re trying to learn a foreign language properly, but it’s quite handy when you’re face to face with a foreigner and you need to think up a word for “toilet paper” quickly.

But that does not justify the highest search engine ranks.