Most popular twitter clients

I was playing with Twitter’s streaming API and thought of finding out what the most popular twitter clients are. So I listened to Twitter’s stream of public tweets for half an hour and sorted the list of tweet sources. The sample contained 100,000 random public tweets. The top ten clients were:

  1. web – 24697
  2. Twitter for iPhone – 17564
  3. Twitter for Android – 13007
  4. Twitter for BlackBerry® – 10592
  5. Mobile Web – 3521
  6. UberSocial for BlackBerry – 1849
  7. TweetDeck – 1776
  8. Twitter for iPad – 1411
  9. Facebook – 1322
  10. Echofon – 1320

As expected, the Twitter web is the source of almost a quarter of the tweets, while the official clients for iPhone, Android and Blackberry take the next slots. And then comes the Mobile Web. Twitter for iPad sits in the 8th place. In other words, more than 70% of the world’s tweets are posted from official clients.

The complete list of results is here.

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