Friendly advice

Tweet by sarah_edo:

A lot of people, mostly university friends, called me during last month after they learned that I was unable to walk due to a leg injury. People don’t forget to leave some advice during the calls. These include:

* Migrate to another country (from those who have already migrated to other countries)
* Live for a few years in a different country (from those who are abroad temporarily for work reasons)
* Marry ASAP (from those who are married)
* It’s time I should marry and have some kids (from those who are married and have kids)
* Build a house (from those who own houses)
* Switch to a better car (from those who have more expensive cars)
* Get the shit together (from someone who has theirs together, probably)

I’m not bluffing – this is 100% real. I’m thankful for all the advice, but I feel worse than ever now.

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