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New server + HTTPS

This site used to be in a Hostgator shared host which I had bought long before I understood how servers work. I didn’t bother changing it as it just worked and this was not the only site/app that was hosted there. (If I was to move, I wanted to move everything)

Lack of WordPress know-how was another problem. I have/had multiple WP sites including this one, and moving meant creating a multisite, configuring it to match the original URLs, while supporting other non-WP stuff as well. Also I didn’t want to migrate the blogs as static sites for different reasons.

Finally I’ve moved most of the stuff to a separate VPS in Vultr (thx to @gaveen for referring). The major motivation was TLS support. You had to pay additionally for TLS in Hostgator, which didn’t make sense as we have Let’s Encrypt.

The multisite is mostly working now, but I need to get images working properly (uploads directories not properly configured for sub-sites), fix old thameera.com/files/... links, set up rss2email and also see what else is broken 😆.