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ACTUAL Vim in Sublime Text

ActualVim is a fucking brilliant project:

The goal is to use a hidden Vim instance to accurately manipulate a Sublime Text buffer as though you were editing the text directly in Vim. This has been accomplished.

It’s not simply a terminal emulator embedded in a text editor. Sublime is still in control of the text buffer. You will be able to use the entire native Sublime interface while in INSERT mode, including plugins.

IMNSHO, all Vim emulators suck. This freak of a project will surely make you feel you’re at home. Heck, you can use your complete Vim setup with this.

The only downside is (you saw this coming :twisted:), it does not work on Windows. On Linux or OS X you can simply use Vim itself, but the Windows version is ugly and Sublime is the best alternative out there. Perhaps I’m asking for too much. 😐

Anywho, this is wonderful news for Linux/OS X Sublime Text users out there.