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Printing double-sided in a non-duplex printer

My printer doesn’t support duplex printing, but I regularly print double-sided booklets. It’s not straight-forward and I always forget how to do this so I keep a checklist to consult every time. Publishing it here so I won’t lose it and someone searching for this in the interwebs might find it useful.

  1. Select ‘Odd Pages Only’ in print settings (usually under ‘Paper handling’)
  2. Print
  3. Take the printed papers out and put them in the same orientation to the tray (white side up, no turning)
  4. Select ‘Even Pages Only’ in print settings.
  5. Also, select ‘Reverse’ for Page Order
  6. Print

If you are printing a booklet, note that you will need to convert the document to a booklet format first. I use Booklet Creator for this, but there are other alternatives as well.