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Find and replace by font color

I was emailing some documents to the Kindle and it turned out that some sections of gray colored text in these documents are not readable. The solution is to change the color of the gray text to black. One option is to select all text and set the text color to black. But I wanted to change only the color of gray text (i.e. keep the red, green text as is). How does one do that? How do you find text with some color and replace them with another?

The in-built Find and Replace functionality in both Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer can do this. If you use Microsoft Word, press Ctrl+H to invoke the Find and Replace dialog box. While the cursor is on the Find what text box, click on More. To the bottom of the dialog, a Format button will appear. Click on it and choose the font style you want to find. Now go to the Replace with text box and repeat the same to choose the style you want to replace with. Finally press Replace All.

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If you have several documents that need this operation, you don’t have to choose styles again and again coz Word saves the last Find and Replace parameters. The method is almost the same with LibreOffice Writer.