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The great language game

I love languages. This is the latest find on the list of awesome language websites. The Great Language Game is a simple online game that lets you listen to small audio clips and challenges you to identify the language being spoken.

Amongst the thousands of languages spoken across the world, here are just seventy. How many can you distinguish between?

The first few challenges are easy – you have to decide between totally different ones like Mandarin and Urdu, or Slovenian and Sinhalese. As you can see, if the answers belong to different language families the answers are quite straight-forward. But they become more challenging later on in the game. Not really easy to distinguish between several Slavic languages. The best score I could get so far was 600.

The site’s pretty slow though. It would help if it would pre-load the answers so it doesn’t have to query the server each time. Nonetheless, awesome game. I’m going to keep playing till I could get everything right! 😀