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Ghost is here

Ghost, the much awaited blogging platform, is finally here. You need to sign up to download.

It only took me 5 minutes to download and have Ghost up and running. You download the file, run an npm install (yes, it’s built on node.js), run sudo npm start and bang! Ghost is ready. The interface is minimal and clean, you can write with markdown, and there’s a marketplace for themes. And there are guides on deploying Ghost on various platforms like Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean and Azure.

They are planning to run a hosted Ghost platform as well (like they do at wordpress.com for WordPress), and they’ll be rolling it out in the coming weeks.

Note that Ghost needs a node.js server running so you can’t host it like a static site in places like Dropbox or with most shared hosting providers. But you can use an Amazon Micro EC2 instance for free for one year. The database used is SQLite, so it won’t be practical to run this on Heroku.