Monthly Archives: October 2012

New ttytter extension: Add to Pocket

You can download my second ttytter extension now from the github page. This lets you add the links in tweets to your Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later) account.

To use, you first need to create a file named .pocket in the extension’s directory and add your Pocket username and password in two separate lines. In ttytter, just type /pocket <tweet id> and the link in the tweet will be added to Pocket. If no links were found in the tweet, the link to the tweet itself will be added.

Finally, a reason to use Foursquare

Came across this ifttt recipe while browsing the answers to the Quora question: What is the coolest ifttt task ever? This recipe would simply post your foursquare check-ins in your Google Calendar. I had long given up checking-in with foursquare (well, what’s the point anyway?) but this new discovery would change my mind. At least till it gets boring.

Workspaces in Unity [Ubuntu]

Most Linux distros come with multiple workspaces built-in. Why do people need multiple workspaces? To organize your work of course! You may read a book and take notes in one workspace while browsing the web and chatting on another.

Unity has evolved from a nuisance to a really user-friendly and fun-to-use desktop environment. But, problem -> Unity uses a common launcher to all its workspaces: hence it displays the apps opened in all the workspaces. Where’s the organization here? There’s a bug filed in launchpad addressing this issue at length, but the developers doesn’t seem to find it a priority. If you think this is a concern, please answer ‘Yes’ to the question Does this bug affect you?

Research papers in 140 characters

Tiny Transactions on Computer Science (TinyToCS) has got a collection of research papers that have 140 characters or less. We’re talking about the body of the paper here though; the Abstract can of course be longer. It’s fun to read them though; you’re actually reading research papers!