Bookmarklets for bulk deleting items from Kindle

I got my Kindle 4 a few days back. Other than for reading books, it’s ideal for reading long articles and blog posts you come across in the web. You can even direct RSS feeds to the Kindle. All items you send to the device (other than by transferring directly from the PC) get stored in your Amazon account. You can view these documents in the Manage Your Kindle page. As days go by, this list of items become too long. And you want to delete them.

Amazon doesn’t let you select several items or all of them at once. You have to go through the tedious process of clicking Actions, then clicking Delete from Library and answering ‘Yes’ for each item.

Luckily, there are bookmarklets to help you avoid the mess. For example, the Check and Delete bookmarklet adds checkboxes in front of each item and you can check the items you want to delete and press Delete. There’s also this MDKI bookmarklet which lets you specify the titles of the items and delete them. The former option is more convenient in most cases. You’ll be able to modify the MDKI bookmarklet to select all items from a given author (i.e., source) and delete them.

Beware though, if you delete any item from the library, it’s gone. Even purchased items.

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